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We have a short 10 minute video available that has information on Enrichment Day.

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Who We Are

Enrichment Day ClassThe North Pittsburgh Homeschool Enrichment Program (NPHEP) is a cooperative of homeschooling families whose mission is to enrich our children by providing small classes to explore interesting subjects and to develop friendships in a fun group environment. All families are expected to contribute in some way.

Registration is open to all families with at least one child homeschooling under the PA homeschool law or registered in a PA cyber school.

We meet north of Pittsburgh at North Park Baptist Church, 1600 Sample Road, Allison Park, Pa 15101 (map)

Many classes have a Christian orientation but non-Christians are welcome.

Enrichment Day

Another Enrichment Day ClassNPHEP for grades K-8 is called Enrichment Day. Enrichment Day meets Fridays from 9 am-2 pm for two 12-week semesters, September thru December and February thru May. Children can be enrolled in only one class a week or up to 5 classes. Nearly all the classes are taught by parents in the coop. Parents are required to stay on the premises while their children are there and while there, parents contribute to the coop by acting as instructors, assistants, nursery workers, party coordinators, fund raising assistants and setup and clean up crews. A nursery is offered for children birth�K.

Typical classes: In the past we have offered such classes as Chess, Latin, Drama, Public Speaking, Basketball, Home Economics, Painting, Quilting, PA History, Oceanography, Spanish, Sign Language

Cost: For each family, there is a $90 fee each semester. There may be additional small charges or materials fees for a particular class.

High School Co-op

High Student in biology classThe High School Co-op, open to students in grades 7-12, meets on Tuesdays and Fridays from September through May for 30 weeks. Classes are taught by paid teachers and designed to meet most Pennsylvania diploma program requirements.

We usually have a selection of math classes such as Algebra I and above, Geometry, and computer programming; lab sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and AP Psychology; English Literature and Composition; foreign languages; history courses; Drama; and other courses such as public speaking, art, and geography.

Cost: The cost for high school is $190 per year (2 semesters) per family. For families who want to participate in both Enrichment Day and High school, the cost is $225 per year (2 semesters). There is also usually a class tuition, which ranges from $50 - $300 for the 30-week course. Some courses require a lab fee of $50-$75.

Other Offerings

  • We often have math courses for parents to equip them to teach higher math.

  • Homeschool evaluations are available on site in the spring.

  • Access to computers with high speed Internet is available to students and families on site.

  • We sponsor an Annual Book Sale that is an opportunity for members to sell used items. The sale is open to the community.

  • We coordinate participation in other school programs such as God's World newsletters, Scholastic Book Club, and Pizza Hut's Book-it program.

  • Members support one another through on-line forums, an on site bulletin board and information tables, of course face-to-face in the parent's lounge and at lunch time.

If you have more questions, contact or

We also have a short 10 minute video available that has information on Enrichment Day.

» Watch video
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